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tv   Headline News  RT  October 3, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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i'm going to you're going to. be. coming up on our t.v. breaking news from the nation's capital shots were fired near the u.s. capitol hill and there are reported injuries the latest on this breaking news story ahead of the federal government shutdown continues the longer it goes the more dire the consequences will get with important departments and services closed for business more coming up and in the u.s. more teens are taking a fatal risk with synthetic marijuana who are the distributors of this stuff and where does the money go we'll tell you that and more in a special our t.v. investigation. it's thursday october third at four pm in washington d.c.
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i'm megan lopez and you are watching r t let's begin this afternoon was breaking news just over an hour ago shots were fired near the capitol building capitol police just held a press conference confirming the fact that there was an incident though they are still trying to determine exactly what happened police say a woman tried to ram her car through the barricade outside of the white house when that was unsuccessful she fled the scene for the capitol where shots were heard capitol hill was temporarily put on lockdown but has since returned to business r.t. correspondent liz wahl is there and she joins us with the latest information liz what is the scene like outside of capitol hill right now. that's right mike and we are on constitution avenue right now just blocks away from the capitol as you can see it's very chaotic here but we are told that the see and has been secured this is after i spoke to a couple witness says that they heard several shots several shots that were fired
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here. we were told that there's a lot that we don't know at this point there's going to be another press conference kicking off shortly there's a lot that we don't know we don't know how many people were injured we do know we're told that a police officer was injured we're also told that the suspect was a female that the shooter was a female and that she is now dead and that she was killed in a gunfire exchange with police so we know that she actually we're told that she was trying to ram her car into a barricade at the white house and there was a chase as she took off fled here to the capitol and that's when. mrs di spoke to heard several shots ring out we are told maggie and that after there was a lockdown at the capitol that the scene has been secured here we do have a one of the testimonies for a person there was actually there i want to go ahead and play about and then we'll get your responses to that was. i. heard these cars coming
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from this direction over towards you start to the side. so stop there were trees and bushes in the way of you actually seeing anything but a. very shortly thereafter for the country. in which we're just going to see where the fire breaks out of the area followed by the police. so lose that's what we're hearing from one of the suspects are from one of the witnesses i want to know what you're hearing from the suspect or about the suspect . suspect. we do know about the suspect we don't know what the motive is always is. but old is to defeat but there was a child inside of that car that. the suspected car we are told
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however that the child is ok other than that as far as a motive we don't know the story is still developing but we should learn more as as the as the story unfolds magen and there were reports of injuries do you know the status of those reports. all of that still is up in the air we don't know all i know all that we've heard is that we know that several shots were fired we are told that those that were injured or at least we know one person was it and that it was a police officer that is now being treated and then the suspect we know that the suspect has is dead we don't know maggie and though we're still waiting to hear a lot more of the details on this developing story i can tell you that a lot of people here very on edge especially this is a couple weeks after the navy yard shooting not too far from here it's still fresh in the minds of people here in washington d.c. the navy yard shooting that happened not too far from here twelve people died that
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mass shooting it doesn't appear at this point that it's on that scale at all but the people here on edge in washington of course this comes at a tense time inside of that capitol building as the government is shut down while the senate and the house are deadlocked on this appropriations bill so a very very tense time at least though we are told that this scene has been secured are to correspondent lives well following the breaking news for us there at a capitol hill. and in the meantime both the house and the senate are in session it's day three of a partial government shutdown and if you are just turning on your television for the first time since tuesday well you haven't missed anything we are in the same exact place as we were before the shutdown republicans are still trying to find obamacare with a one year delay on the individual mandate democrats are letting that happen and
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while they are bickering back and forth their constituents not them are paying the price but if you think this all boils down to some national parks and some monuments being closed think again right now in the gulf of mexico tropical storm karen is brewing off the coast of cuba and should make land this weekend meteorologist say this storm has a near one hundred percent chance of becoming a hurricane the agency that usually predicts in response to emergencies like this fema is closed down due to the shutdown and the agency started recalling some employees but good luck to everyone living on along the gulf coast the white house has get to decide how much health you're going to get also i'm sure you've been hearing about the horrific tennessee bus crash that left eight people dead and injured fourteen others it's an accident that the national transportation safety board normally might have actually responded to an investigative but for they're
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not doing it this time the government shutdown has zero for a load all highway investigators so there is no one to do the job and in idaho search and rescue workers have been forced to scale back their efforts to find a missing woman at the moon national monument sixty nine year old joe donnelly it basically was last seen on september twenty first however many park employees were forced to take a furlough at least ten rangers are working despite the furlough to help find this woman the toll this shutdown is taking on the public is growing with each passing day but still we are now. no closer to a spending bill r t says sam sachs brings us the latest on this district of dysfunction the government shutdown is now in day three and congress is not any closer to striking a deal to end it course a meeting at the white house last night between president obama and congressional leaders failed to yield any sort of deal and this morning senate majority leader harry reid took to the floor and said this about republicans on the other side of
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the capitol republicans should come to their senses realize he is more than one good client and line. the longer this republican government shutdown percents the harder will be on our economy. i hope they can figure out what it is that they want before the damage the economic recovery is even more irreversible than they've already created meanwhile republicans are digging in and continuing their strategy of funding just pieces of the government pieces like the veterans administration the park service and the national institutes of health a strategy that democrats in the senate and president obama have already said that they will not go along with and we're creeping closer to another crisis the debt limit deadline in two weeks and it's looking increasingly likely that any deal to end the shutdown also include a deal to raise the debt limit but there are two republicans are asking for major concessions dollar for dollar spending cuts repeal of environmental regulations and cuts to entitlements the republican position is perhaps the best capsulized in this
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quote from congressman marlin stutzman who told reporters on wednesday quote it's about dignity really been ignored on this issue altogether we're not going to be disrespected and so that's where we're at today where we have to get something out of this and i don't know what that even is but today president obama again reiterated he will not negotiate over the debt limit generally nobody's ever thought to actually threaten not to pay our bills it would be the height of irresponsibility. and that's why i've said this before i'm going to repeat it there will be no negotiations over this and the treasury department announced this week that it is exhausting the last of its extreme measures to avoid a default and that of congress doesn't raise the limit in the next two weeks the u.s. could be facing a catastrophic self-inflicted economic wound that could force the country back into a recession now each morning here in the senate proceedings begin with
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a prayer from senate chaplain barry black and here was his rather pointed message to members of congress this morning have mercy upon us so god and save us from the madness deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable while being on the reasonable remove the birth. of those who the collateral damage. of this government shutdown unfortunately at this point it may take a prayer to get the government reopened and the debt limit raised in time from capitol hill in washington d.c. sam sachs r t. this week a brazilian judge dismissed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against oil giant chevron in a two year legal battle over
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a spill that happened back in two thousand and eleven the spill occurred at the frayed offshore oil field off the coast of rio de janeiro at least three thousand six hundred barrels of crude it leaked into the ocean this case is the largest ever environmental lawsuit in brazilian history prosecutors were asking for eighteen billion u.s. dollars in damages from chevron they also filed charges against the company's drilling contractor trans ocean limited as well as seventeen employees however judge rafael discuss dismissed those charges after accepting a deal with chevron the requires the company to pay one hundred thirty five million dollars in compensation torrie activities brazil has become a sort of at the center for offshore drilling in south america in two thousand and seven there was a major discovery of large oil reserves off the country's coast analysts say that it is the biggest discovery in the last twenty years i was joined earlier by david because he's a law professor and the director of the brazil american institute for law and
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environment at pace law school and i first asked him if he could give us more details about how this settlement came about. we'll sure there was a chevron. and several of its partners had an oil spill off of the coast of rio de janeiro it's in what's called the pre-sell deposit in this bill by u.s. standards comparatively small i think about three thousand barrels. but it caused you know if it was a real wake up call for the brazilian the brazilian government terms of the potential danger from the spill and a lawsuit was filed by the by an arm of the brazilian government called the public prosecutor or and pointedly that it be them and minister you approve because of seeking forty billion or so in damages from the spill and so the idea is well you know this this would be brazilians are not that much
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different from u.s. law in terms of what it was seeking it was seeking clean up costs and property damage and also possible costs going into the future and so that's what that's what brought about this this lawsuit lawsuit was filed essentially to recruit both present and possible future damages and i want to be clear about that forty billion ria says about eighteen billion dollars so why did they agree to settle for one hundred thirty five million u.s. dollars in the end. well it's an interesting question the short answer would be is that it was in everybody's interests first of all these these oil deposits off the coast of rio are in very very deep water they're below two thousand meters of water two thousand meters of ocean floor and then and then some two thousand meters of salt getting to those to that oil is extremely difficult and nonetheless we're
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talking about oil reserves that are absolutely immense and incredibly important to the to brazil so while they want to be very careful with any potential drilling in the area they also don't want to completely discourage it so the settlement i think reflects a certain pragmatism on the part of everybody involved there and when one needs to to pay the costs of the exploration and potential damages on the other hand the brazilian government is very wary of deterring future exploration and development in those fields however was the brazilian government that did come up with an initial estimate of the eighteen billion dollars which fine away is more than the u.s. got after the deepwater horizon oil spill which caused significantly more damage and then this oil spill now thing washed up on shore i think i'd say about sixty seven miles offshore no one was injured or killed nothing exploded except. you're
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right so the brazilian government came up with that number just like any good litigant would in a potential lawsuit you you look at the potential damages and you get the largest number possible because that's the number you start with when you're starting a negotiation in i mean realistically any lawsuit is also a negotiation so you want to start with the most advantageous negotiating position you're quite right the number pales in comparison if we look at the damages that were actually realized from this spill versus the deepwater horizon spill that's both a commentary on the brazilian government negotiating position as well as the fact that the deepwater horizon damages. probably were not calculated in a way that realistically reflected the damage and also chevron was forced to close down for about a six month period which is hugely costly to that company was that taken into account here at all do you know i don't know for certain but i would certainly assume that it was chevron went out of its way to to look like and you know that's
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that's a cynical way of saying it but also to be what it would it do to self as a good corporate citizen so assoon as there was the there was a see another small leak chevron shut down immediately because the optics of it were horrible i don't think there was the the second leak was was in any danger of causing any significant damage at all as well but chevron was looking to contain any possible p.r. damage as well as any possible or oil spill and so it shut down and yeah that's that's a very that's a very expensive proposition and for a zealous humility important in the production of oil ninety percent of brazil's oil production actually happens offshore so has anything changed since i saw oil spill. with anything change i think well. i don't know for certain again i don't know. the technology for exploring in the presale area is all new so yeah i guess the short answer is yes things are
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constantly changing the technology is in development this is a kind of exploration that's never been done anywhere else so the every every week or every month of delay brings about more knowledge about how to do this safely thank you in fact that you brought the brazilian national oil company has been very slow in developing the this area because they what they have they have chosen to be very careful thank you so much for enlightening us and bringing us the latest on this case and helping us understand it david kasota law professor and director of the privilege american institute for law and environment at pace law school my pleasure thank you for the past two weeks we have been featuring a three part investigative series that looks into the dangers of sense that marijuana is a designer drug created in laboratories the chemical is meant to mimic the t.h.c. effects in marijuana but that is far from reality in part one of our investigation
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we met three families who have been directly affected by this drug and part two we took a closer look at why it is so hard to regulate and some of the local actions that governments are trying to take to get synthetic drugs off of store shelves today we bring you part three which tries to answer the questions of where these drugs are coming from who is behind them and where the profits are going take a look. the stuff was labeled popery it's the moment local governments and law enforcement officials in maryland have been waiting for i defy anybody to take a package of this that's labeled popery and show me how this resembles popery as of october first the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana is illegal in the state it's a designer drug where nail polish remover mixed with chemicals is sprayed on dried herbs sold and then smoked to get a high similar to that of marijuana only this drug is nothing like real marijuana
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and can lead to serious health of facts last year the federal government took steps of its own to ban these drugs with the synthetic drug abuse prevention act but despite state and federal efforts to try to regulate these drugs a simple google search pulls up dozens of websites of companies saying that they're willing to ship these drugs in mass quantities right to your door so who exactly is behind this so-called popery i decided to find the owners of one of the more popular brands mr nice guy and the worst part is also the way that they have a package it's almost like a pop rocks and they have lights on the front of the website looks normal enough the contact page feels official but when you look up that address turns out it's a u.p.s. store lots of internet companies run their businesses using pillboxes though so let's keep digging mr nice guy allegedly by his it's products from crack told labs
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with yet another official looking website only it's fake you see that phone number at the top it leads to a philadelphia office for personal injury attorney who claim they have never heard of home labs in reality mr nice guy is two guys dylan harrison and john sheely their secret operation came crashing down on may twenty first of last year. when the warehouse they produce these drugs in exploded. they were charged with unlawful distribution of controlled substance analogues each of them will serve a reduced prison sentence of just over a year with mr nice guy out of business why are its products still on the market because there is no regulation that brands may not be made by the thing person across the entire united states type synthetic marijuana bags into the internet and
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a whole slew of manufacturers pop up saying they will sell the bag with popular brands like scooby snacks on the front i quickly came in contact with a man named hank who lives in guangdong china not only did his company offer to ship me the bags but they also promised to get them past u.s. customs he even sent me a picture of some options so now that you know how to get the bags how do you fill them what we found is that many of these chemicals are coming from overseas particularly china which makes our job even more challenging challenging because china doesn't have the same standards for drug production as the us challenging because u.s. relations with the country are already shaky and challenging because these chemicals are so difficult to test for one wrong accusation could fray those international time many of those chemicals are falsely labeled for medical research or for cleaning products once the chemicals make it to our shores it's up to
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dealers to mix them with the leaves the owners of mr nice guy were using cement mixer is to mix together the chemicals and the leaves the what ends up happening is from packets to package you may get a cut one concentration that's much higher of drug than in another package karen dolphin or son max died in a car crash after smoking synthetic canal benoit's karen tracked down. on the dealer of max's drug who explained how he made them his son determined about how much to spray on the plant material and he's sprayed it randomly on plant material and tucker where containers with crude methods like that it should come as no surprise that there's also variability within each package these packets sell anywhere from thirty dollars to about one hundred bucks a pop in what is being described as a seven billion dollar worldwide industry so where are the profits going what we
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found which is very scary is that drugs coming from china or coming to the united states ends up in shops owned by middle easterners the middle eastern shop owners here in the united states are shipping their money back into little middle eastern countries into places that should give americans pause so when you're abusing drugs in this country you're financing either directly or indirectly you could potentially be financing terror operations across the globe groups that want to kill us. that's a really scary thought and it's real adding yet another wrinkle in the fight against these synthetic substances so there you have it with a few simple internet searches i just shows you how easy it is to still get your hands on these drugs ready made and more alarmingly how easy it is to get the different components needed to create these drugs on your own it's just the next great frontier in the never ending war on drugs only this one has no simple solutions in washington meghan lopez r.t.
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. fan while we're on the topic of illegal drugs the f.b.i. says it has arrested a san francisco man who allegedly ran an underground web site for selling drugs documents and services twenty nine year old ross william old wretch who reportedly used the name dread pirate roberts to run the silk road website was charged in new york district court this week over it has also accused of involvement in two assassination plots trying to. an undercover agent to kill a former silk road employee who he feared might become a government witness and a user of the silk road who was attempting to extort him as for the silk road website itself the f.b.i. has shut it down for good just to give you an idea of how big of a deal this is f.b.i. special agent christopher tower tarbell described the silk road website to the guardian as quote the most sophisticated and extensive criminal market place on the internet today since two thousand and eleven the website has generated about one
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point two billion dollars silk road users could only use bitcoins the world's most popular form of virtual currency to buy or sell merchandise anonymously while the bitcoin foundation says that the closure of silk road will not affect the long term value of the currency it does affect silk road users who had already transferred bitcoins into their accounts the feds seized about three point six million dollars worth of bitcoin storing their raid but the closure of the website will likely only slow the illegal drug trade online temporarily authorities say it's only a matter of time before similar websites pop up some already exist. well it's the old wives' tale that when birds poop lands on you it's good luck but what happens when a drone falls on you is that good luck to well one businessman in new york city is probably feeling very lucky right now that a small unmanned helicopter narrowly missed hitting him when it fell
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a couple of hundred feet from the sky the almost victim recovered the memory card which he promptly sent to a local news station it shows the path of the helicopter drone before its crash landing the video also shows who operated the three pound helicopter and that it was flying about thirty stories above busy rush hour streets recording high quality images as it went. just because one g. home has now defunct and crashed into a building and is now down that doesn't mean the people of new york city are any safer from these unmanned coppers. interred david karp brooklyn resident and the founder of the website tumbler which he just sold to yahoo for a billion dollars so what is he doing with his riches is he nursing a cocaine addiction or frequenting the escort services or something like that nope karp told time magazine that he does have an addiction to these helicopter drones
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he flies them all over brooklyn but he's already crashed about five so he is essentially buying them in bulk from china so my advice to those of you who are walking down the streets of new york city might want to get an hard hat in order to protect yourself from these drones but that's going to do it for now from one of the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america and for the latest information coming out of that breaking news from the shooting that happened on capitol hill go to our t dot com slash usa and follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez. i don't. listen.
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licked me today the european consumer has no way of knowing the origin of the leather he bites. feel. the number of e.u. member states have deed localized production and see no reason for shoes and leather bags to be labeled made in bangladesh.


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